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Meet the Musicians of 3 in the 6:

The Ton Beau String Quartet
Sarah Steeves, cello
Alex McLeod, viola
Jeremy Potts, violin
Bijan Sepanji, violin

Concert #2 of 3:


Fri Feb 22nd, 2019

The Ton Beau String Quartet

Since its inception in 2010 at the University of Toronto, the Ton Beau String Quartet has been committed to engaging and challenging audiences by presenting a mix of classical quartet gems along with music that is being composed today. With a special focus on contemporary music, the quartet aims to highlight voices of young composers, particularly women composers and composers from under-represented communities.


The Ton Beau have performed at Maureen Forester Hall, the KWCS Music Room, the Toronto Music Gallery, Rolston Hall, Gallery 345, and the Toronto Music Garden. The quartet has also enjoyed several successful collaborations, with folk band The Kruger Brothers, Spectrum Music, pianist David Braid, the Iranian Composers of Toronto, the Afiara and Cecilia String Quartets, and many artists and curators. In our own concert series, Ton Beau Concerts, we have presented programs with several prominent Canadian artists, including pianist Peter Longworth, clarinetist Peter Stoll, Emily Rho, and members of the Cecilia String Quartet.


In 2017 the Ton Beau Quartet recorded its first CD, "The Silent Voices Project", which features 14 pieces inspired by poems written by children who died in concentration camps, from the collection "I Never Saw Another Butterfly". Whole Note Magazine called the resulting project “Outstanding….This is an exceptional project, a heartfelt labour of love and respect”.


Each member of the TBSQ is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages through music education. They can be found coaching and teaching several times a week, privately and as part of the Sistema Toronto Academy. As a quartet, they have presented workshops and masterclasses at Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Toronto, the Westport Chamber Music Festival, Vanderbilt University, and many schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

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